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Fort Properties
Nairobi , Kenya

Founded in the early 70's, we have constructed and sold over 1000 homes in Mtopanga Estate (Bamburi) We have also constructed and sold over 2500 homes in Kiembeni Estate (Bamburi). Over 450 units have already been sold.This project is still under -way as we are targeting to develop over 1000 housing units adjacent to Kiembeni Estate known as 'Shree Swaminarayan Estate

Affordable Housing solutions that fit every pocket
The need for affordable housing is real and immediate and requires new solutions. At Fort Properties Our main goal is to meet this challenge using our financial modeling, expertise negotiation and development experience to provide low cost houses to families. Having had a working relationship with Kenyans for the past 40 years, We combine our public and private sector experience with extensive knowledge of the low cost housing management Sector.

Innovative, High quality low cost housing units
Houses in Shree Swaminarayan Estate range from 2 bedrooms to 3 bedroom units, inclusive of Kitchen, bath w.c. Every unit has all basic amenities like Fresh water supply, septic tanks, a garden and a car park. Other amenities already existent are Kiembeni Hospital, Nursery & Primary schools, a police base and bar /restaurants. Public Transport is readily available for the houses are in close proximity to the main road.
With a staff of over 300, ranging from Professional Architects to Qualified Engineers, our team delivers top quality houses in every scheme. FORT PROPERTIES ensures that all our houses are well built & appealing. We are focused on long-term solutions to deliver sustainable affordable housing.
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