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Country Wing Group of Companies
Kampala, Uganda

Country Wing Group Country Wing Group of Companies is a collection of different entities. Country Wing Group manages a number of subsidiary companies dealing in a wide range of products and services ranging from Industrial, primary to tertiary sectors of the economy. 

These include; 
1. Country Wing Martial Arts Schools (Country Wing Fitness Institute Ltd) 
 2. Country Wing Printers & Publishers 
 3. Country Wing Gym Equipment Maintenance Services 
 4. Country Wing Painters & Compound designers 
 5. Flying Horse Hardware 
 6. Country Wing Automobile Garage 
 7. Linguistics International 
 8. Mkdil Pharma Ltd 
 9. Quick Delivery Services 
 10. Dynamic Internet Solutions 
 11. B&P Accounting Financial Services 
 12. Ultimate Beauty & Mobile Salon 
 13. Home Legacy 
 14. Accurate Weighing Scales 
 15. BK Scrap Metal & Plastics

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