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OK Gambia Co. Ltd.
Senegambia, Gambia

Welcome to OK Gambia, the Gambia's leading Real Estate and Services company. Please visit our offices in Senegambia where our team of local Gambians and Europeans will be pleased to meet you. Our mission is to help our customers find their own little bit of paradise in this beautiful friendly country. The Gambia is a very OK place to live and really enjoy life. We can help you rent or buy property here or even build the house (or palace) of your dreams. 

The Gambia is a well known holiday destination, best known for its year round sunshine, friendly English speaking people and miles and miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches. What most tourists do not realise is that the Gambia is also one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, attracting massive inward investment, not just in the tourist sector but also in terms of banking and general trade. Gambia has a stable, democratic and effective government which has been focused on rapidly developing the countries infrastructure and building an up-market tourist economy. Crime levels are low even by European standards. Power, water, telecommunications and banking are approaching the European norm and European building regulations now apply. 

 The Gambia is a safe place and a good place to invest. It now has a growing European population made up of tourists, business people, second home owners and many people who have decided to escape the cold and retire in the sun. 

Property prices are on the increase, but they are still very low relative to what you would expect to pay in Spain or Gran Canaria (which is only an hour away by plane). There is a lot of choice, from grand mansions set in their own grounds to holiday flats or empty land where you can build the house of your dreams. 

OK Gambia has been operating in the Gambia for years. We are a long established legally registered Gambian business and as such we do things properly. OK Gambia always checks the legal ownership of all property that we sell in the government land registry records. Should you decide to buy through us, we also ensure that the legal title is properly transferred into your name and that the transaction is properly recorded in the official government records. If you are buying land to build on, we check to see if there any planning controls that might affect this property.

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