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Nairobi, Kenya

Incorporated in 1990, Catalyst Chemicals Limited has its core business in the manufacture, import, export, retail and distribution of in many types of raw materials for use in a variety of industries.
Increased market presence and steady growth over the years has seen Catalyst Chemicals grow from a single entity into a group of companies that are located in the 3 principal East African states, namely Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania.


We provide chemicals for:
Industrial solvents
Organic acids
Inorganic Mineral acids
Inorganic Chemicals
Disinfectants/bleaching agents/Biocides
Raw materials for paint industry
Raw materials for adhesives and rubber processing
Raw materials for Cosmetic Industry.
Other products

We specialize in supplying raw materials and services to industries like manufacturing, agro-veterinary, pharmaceuticals, food and process industries. We also specialize in petrochemical solvents & industrial solvents used by many industries in East Africa.

We are located along Falcon Road, off Enterprise Road in Nairobi’s Industrial Area. Our premises have a land area of 8 acres with 115,000 square feet of built up area. Our premise is very expansive with room for future development and expansion of office space. We look ahead to a brighter future for ourselves, our current and prospective customers, principals and partners as we seek to add value to the Kenyan and regional economy’s growth and development.

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