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Age Group
Nairobi, Kenya

 We have the honor to introduce AGE GROUP as one of the leading manufacturing, packing and trading companies in Asian and East African region. AGE GROUP mainly deals with import, export and manufacturing of commodities such as bitumen, petroleum products, fertilizers and paraffin. AGE was founded in 2011. 

In this short time span the company has grown to become a leading supplier of a variety of different products and services in East Africa. Located in NAIROBI, with regional offices in Ghana and Dubai, we cover market of a very moving and potential market AGE, a mature organization with a young spirit, the company has a tradition of research and development. 

Every new development evolves from the experience gained with previous products. As a result, customers can be assured that every new product is brought to perfection before it is presented to the global market. Today, the company remains committed to supplying a comprehensive interning range. 

AGE GROUP also has a focus on, but not limited to petroleum, bitumen, paraffin, fertilizers and pesticides within Asian, African and Latin American region and plans to expand to the entire African Continent.
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