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Lagos, Nigeria

West African Height Safety Ltd is a jointly owned subsidiary of Height Safety South Africa and M-P Infrastructure (

Nig) Ltd that specializes in supply, training, fall protection planning, turnkey solutions for rope access installation ,

scaffolding and rigging projects. Our range of experience includes both onshore and offshore work. This includes

but is not limited to working in remote jungle areas without logistical support to high altitude mountainous areas

with sub-zero temperatures, as well as offshore platforms with poisonous gas leaks.

We have cleaned up sky scrapers, cleared silo blockages, installed kilometres of permanent horizontal life lines

systems, constructed lattice structures, closed up entire buildings with banner signs and cladding entire soccer

stadiums with cement fibre panels. Over the past ten years, we have completed hundreds of rope access projects,

both locally and over border, and boast the many satisfied customers who support our organisation.

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