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Hill Bill Company Ltd.
Accra, Ghana

Hill Bill is a footwear manufacturing company that makes fashionable shoes mainly for men. The idea was born to find a solution to a problem by making sure men have access to shoes that are quality, beautiful and affordable, these factors we believe are the three qualities men look out for before buying shoes but more often than not do not find all three in a single pair of shoes. The shoes are made of leather, suede, jute or African prints. Hill Bill targets the working class/business men as her most valuable customers.

The company operates on the philosophy where everyone�s idea is valued and hence organizes periodic meetings to listen to some suggestions from employees on any initiative she plans to embark on. The benefits or competitive advantage of Hill Bill is the fact that, there may be other dress shoes but our shoes are more comfortable and light-weight to ease the movement of our customers who usually have to hasten up for work, attend a meeting or a business trip. We are also customer focused and so we ensure that all our customers are completely satisfied with all of our products they buy and in a scenario where they are not, which is rare, we will take the product(s) back and get them a new pair as a compensation. We also constantly check on our customers to find out how their shoes are faring. Hill Bill is into both retailing and wholesaling and can supply any number of shoes ordered for and on time.

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