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Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Ltd
Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

METL is one of Tanzania's largest businesses. Initially built on trading in import and export in the 1980s, the company has embarked on a major vertical integration programme to complement its trading base through expansion into manufacturing and agriculture. The Group employs more than 5,000 people and is making a strong contribution to economic development in the country. 

The company has several competitive strengths, including a massive distribution system, low-cost production, excellence in management, and a forward -looking vision. The METL business philosophy is very simple: to continue to be a driving force in Tanzania's private sector, achieving a dominant presence in the company's core business sectors whilst creating sustainable industrial development and innovation that meet the needs of people of Tanzania and in other countries within the region. 

The company continues to be a significant player in the country's trading sector, owning one of the largest trading houses in Tanzania. Core imports include commodities and foodstuffs, consumer goods and sundries, agriculture implements, and raw materials and chemicals for its various industries. 

Core exports are focused on agricultural produce such as sisal and cashewnuts, and more recently value-added processed agricultural goods sourced from METL's manufacturing division. 

METL launched into manufacturing in 1997. The group now owns and operates 10 different manufacturing companies and a further 3 in the pipeline. These companies are involved in the production of goods for both local consumption and export. These include a wide range of branded and non-branded products that are well-recognised and trusted by consumers across the country. 

METL's agricultural division, which was created in 1998, employs more than 4,000 people and has over 35,000 Ha of agricultural farmland on 16 different estates in Tanzania, on which extensive sisal, cashewnut and tea farming is taking place. The agriculture division is currently working to expand into the production of a wide range of cash crops including cotton and cassava and trial production of these crops is already underway in order to establish their yield and commercial viability. 

Distribution is critical to METL's trading, manufacturing and agriculture businesses. Over the years the company has created an extensive distribution network consisting of 40 sales outlets in the city and 27 upcountry branches that have reach into every region of Tanzania. These branches act as hubs for secondary and tertiary distribution into Tanzania's hinterlands, as well as command centres for procurement of agricultural commodities at the farmgate. 

The Group has its own fleet of over 300 vehicles, a resource that provides essential links in the Group's value chain. 

The Community 
Whilst METL has long been supporting health, education and humanitarian causes in Tanzania, it is best known for its contribution towards the development of sports in the country, notably football. The company has sponsored Simba Football Club since 1998 and provides for all the club's needs.

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