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Mineral Galore
Cape Town, South Africa

Mineral Galore is based in Cape Town, South Africa whereby our core business is international marketing, trade, import and export from a broad spectrum of commodities, specifically the Oil, Gas and Mining Sectors across the globe. Our supplier database for local and international supply of product is commendable, and globally our strength lies in the network of business relations we have attained during the company's existence. 

 The management team of Mineral Galore are individuals that are dedicated and resourceful with a wealth of combined experience in this related industry, and a further added benefit is their expertise of being highly efficient in sourcing and facilitating the trade and export of available commodities. We at Mineral Galore pride ourselves in securing sustainable business relationships that is profitable and financially viable and on the same token ensure that always we conform to prioritizing ethical business practice with quality assured product and service. The main aim and objective of Mineral Galore is to offer clients a service from a highly efficient, proficient, dedicated and resourceful management team that possesses the ability of transacting in all aspects associated with international marketing, trade, import and export in its entirety. 

Ultimately the objective is to ensure a positive contribution towards boosting of the economy of South Africa, which will certainly have a positive impact on South African citizens at large in terms of economic freedom with respect to job creation and quality of life enhancement. 

As an international marketing, trade and export company, our mission is to negotiate and successfully conclude transactions of ready and available quality bulk raw materials from reliable highly productive supply sources, within the oil, gas and mining fraternity, to credible potential national and international clients that trade within and outside of South Africa, at the best market related prices. To gain recognition within international marketing, trade and export, of being among the leading industry related companies, in Africa & globally.

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