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DynaChem (Pty.) Ltd.
South Africa

Initially known as a industrial manufacturer of speciality detergent, since 1984 DynaChem has grown it’s portfolio to provide an extensive offering that includes cleaning agents, accessories (brushware, mops, brooms and clothes) and portion control equipment. These product coupled with our service offerings make us a truly one-stop-shop.

S.A.B.S certification has two components. The first component is the standard to which a product is manufactured that allows it to carry the S.A.B.S. mark. The second component is the factory quality controls that ensure these products are consistently manufactured to S.A.B.S. standards. 

DynaChem carries the S.A.B.S. mark on many of our products especially those used in food processing plants, where personal hygiene and bacteria control are a concern. The SABS ISO 9001-2000 certification of our manufacturing plant ensures that the quality of materials purchased meet the correct standards provided by the S.A.B.S.

Portion Controlling Equipment
Correct product use means that products are dosed at the right proportion. We use a combination of local and international equipment suppliers as well as locally designed dispensing systems to ensure proportioning.

Founded in 1983 DynaChem has grown its representation to six local and three international franchises. DynaChem franchises exist in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Gauteng, Nelspruit, George, Bloemfontein and Kwazulu-Natal within South Africa, and internationally in Egypt, Mauritius and Namibia. 

Our infrastructure insures that access to information pertaining to 'unique' cleaning solutions is available through a vast network of experienced sales consultants. Certain franchises maintain SABS ISO 9001-2000 certified factories. Compliance certificates are available upon request. 

As a proudly South African company our participation in Broad Based Black Employment Equity (B.B.B.E.E) has rewarded us with a level 5 status. This means that when you procure from DynaChem you get 80% of your spend recognised toward you own score card. DynaChem's franchises manufacture and distribute speciality cleaning detergents and products developed within our own laboratories. 

Together with these cleaning agents we also supply product applicators and dosing equipment. Certain DynaChem products where applicable carry the S.A.B.S mark of approval, specifically those used in the Food processing plants, Kitchen hygiene industry and other industries requiring strict bacteria and hygiene controls. Our products are tried and tested over the last 26 years. Providing exceptional customer service differentiates DynaChem from our competitors. 

We understand that service plays an important part in our customers decision making process and to that extend have built solutions specific to the industries we service. 

Some of our on-site services include; 
* Complementary site surveys to establish problematic areas and potential cost savings. 
* Custom product developments within our in-house laboratories. 

* Product trials involving your employees and our sales people. 

* Supply and implementation of portion dosing systems on a free-on-loan or outright purchase basis. Where dosing equipment is implemented, an initial cost analysis is undertaken to calculate and present the cost per litre, and if so required the total monthly spend. The on-going maintenance of the equipment is maintained by our technical services division. 

* Regular certified staff training using visual aids as reminders of how to use our products efficiently. 

* Complementary site visits set at intervals that suite your needs. Our teams of qualified Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) sales people have ample industry experience to advise you on our proven industry solutions. Please do not hesitate to ask your sales person for references! 

* Detailed documentation on how to apply the product and all necessary safety precautions 

* Active content analyses of your existing products to ensure you are getting what you pay for. This analysis is done within our in-house laboratories. 

* Laboratory swab testing to ensure our products keep doing what they are designed for; clean and sanitise.

Care and consideration for the environment is on the top of DynaChem mind when formulating new products. Many of our products are developed taking the environment into account. Local and international policies are also considered as DynaChem’s products are exported.

Price is always an important factor when making procurement decisions. DynaChem have invested in information systems that allow us to calculate to cost of manufactured goods in ‘real-time’. This means we track the increase and decrease in raw materials and coupled with our bulk purchasing power, we ensure the best price at all times .

One of the most important service requirements of customers is in-service training. Dynachem treats training as a key competitive advantage, not as an afterthought. The training programs Dynachem create are consistent with the principals of adult learning and utilize a wide range of training aids (workbooks, videos, wall charts, etc.) that help maximize understanding and retention. Its what’s learned and used, not what’s taught that counts.
Training support is available in the following areas:

- Floor Care
- Kitchen Hygiene
- Washroom Care
- Dilution Control
- Laundry Processing

Field service and support are key competitive advantages for Dynachem and the cornerstones of Dynachem value-added marketing strategy. Field service and support are instrumental tools in Dynachem’s effort to help customers maximize appearance and control costs.

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