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Nairobi, Kenya

Spencon Services Ltd deals with Construction and contract execution in the field of Roads & Bridges, Buildings, Civil, Electrical Works, Mechanical & Hydraulics, Water Supply, Sewerage Works, Irrigation and Real Estates.
Spencon has established, documented and maintains a Quality System ensuring that products and services conform to specified requirements.

The span of activities that has been covered by Spencon in the engineering field gives the vital competitive edge over other similar construction firms in the region.

Spencon clients range from Local Governments, the World Bank to a multitude of international funding agencies. Private clients are also catered for, especially for building projects. 

Spencon a privately owned company with diversified business was incorporated in 1979 to undertake infrastructure related construction in Kenya with an intention to expand subsequently into neighbouring countries. In 1984 the operations were extended into Tanzania, in 1985 into Uganda and 1994 into Zambia.

Today, there are full fledged operational presences in each of these countries. From Kenya to Zambia projects have been carried out in South Sudan, Malawi, Mozambique and Botswana.

Spencon initially started offering engineering solutions for water supply and sewerage works. The company has since then diversified into roads and bridges, electro-mechanical; power transmission, mining and industrial buildings. Most of the projects undertaken so far have been financed by international funding agencies like World Bank, IDA, KfW, EIB, AfDB, SFD, JICA among others.

The company has identified growth options in enhancing mutual joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and expanding into new markets, products and services.

Clients have been counting on Spencon since 1979 and we've always delivered. While other contractors have come and gone, we've evolved into one of the largest and most respected construction and engineering Company in East and Central Africa.

Spencon brings to the job a wide range of multi-disciplinary teams, unrivalled technical capability, an outstanding track record in major civil building, structural, electric and mechanical engineering projects, and expertise in the management of complex undertakings.

Spencon has continued playing a significant role in the development of infrastructure projects in East and Central Africa. 
Over the past two decades, Spencon has provided specialized engineering services in discipline such as civil building, electric and mechanical oversight in some of East Africa's large projects.

The company is managed by a professional team of experts, executing works at international standards and certification with an emphasis on an awareness of and commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental protection in accordance with set international practice.

In general, our experienced staff can generate and manage project logistics and expectations thereby enabling you to complete your project, on time and on budget.

Spencon is undertaking an integrated ISO Standard Quality Systems Model and certification programme for quality assurance. The company is committed to the delivery of quality products and services in full compliance with its contractual requirements. We have the capacity to plan, design, construct and maintain a variety of high value engineering projects to the satisfaction of clients.

Spencon prides itself for reliability, value for money, innovation and multi-core competence in all the projects we undertake. We are justifiably proud of the fact that much of our business results from recommendations, referrals and repeat work from satisfied clients.

Spencon's unique structure - which consists of Spencon Holdings limited with 4 branch offices, allows us to complete a wide range of project sizes in our industry. Spencon currently has projects underway in more than 6 countries. 

Spencon has vast experience in the construction industry and specialized in residential, commercial and industrial projects and completed projects in the field of architectural, structural design, electrical, mechanical and Hydraulic. Our clientèle include Government, public sector, donor agencies and the private sector. The company is organized in three main divisions namely

1. Building 
2. Electrical
3. Water/waste water systems, sanitation and irrigation. 
4. Roads and Bridges

These divisions cooperate either together to execute turnkey projects or independently to execute projects in their respective specialties. Keeping in view of the experience, expertise, financial resources and plant & equipment, we are capable and confident to under take any Civil Engineering construction project of substantial magnitude.

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