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Bessblock Concrete Products Ltd

BESSBLOCK Concrete Products Ltd. is a Concrete Block Manufacturing Company with a modern state-of-the-art, fully automated factory located at Adamrobe, Oyibi junction off the Dodowa Road.

Our products are manufactured to the highest international standards. The manufacturing process is computer controlled from start to finish. Our patented cold mist curing system ensures that the concrete achieves maximum strength within 24 hours of production. We can also produce according to customer's specifications. Delivery service is available.

We are acutely committed to the highest quality standards so you can be sure that any of our products we supply will meet all your expectations.

A lot more than what already exist on the market and that is what makes BESSBLOCK very much different form the others:

- All products are manufactured with four different raw materials namely 
River Sand, Chippings, Quarry Dust and Cement.
- All product types have uniformed and accurate sizes.
- We manufacture CONCRETE blocks not SANDCRETE blocks.
- Our products are strong and durable making it hard to break.
- The prices are highly competitive.
- Our blocks require less mortar for joints and plastering.
- No damage of blocks in transit hence no waste on Site.
- The choice for our products implies a reduced overall construction cost.
- We have the Technology that enables us to supply products no matter the quantity almost instantly.
- We also have range of products.
- We have the ability to produce to meet varying strength levels as customer may request.
- We are the only manufacturing company producing blocks on steel pallet

We therefore invite you to visit our factory for first hand information or contact us for any further information needed. 
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