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Ireland Blyth Ltd.
Port Louis, Mauritius

The IBL Group operates in six main sectors of the economy in Mauritius: Commerce, Engineering, Financial Services, Logistics, Aviation & Shipping, Retail, Seafood & Marine. This diverse portfolio, coupled with strong partnerships with a number of large international companies, sound strategic choices and competent management, has ensured the growth and development of IBL into one of the largest groups in the business private sector. more

Ireland Blyth Limited (IBL) is one of the largest business groups in Mauritius. It was incorporated in 1972 after the merger of two leading companies, Blyth Brothers and Ireland Fraser which had been trading in Mauritius since the early 19th Century. In 1994, IBL became a public company and was admitted to the Official List of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. The Group is a 100% Mauritian entity, with a turnover in excess of Rs 17,5 Billions (2011-2012 financial year). It employs more than 7000 people. 

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