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Waste Paper Wanted

Let us introduce ourselves as one of a leading importer of Food Items, grains, pulses, Agri products , papers and paper pulp ,Fresh Fruits, vegetables and metals and scraps from India.

Since 1998 onwards we have been dealing with U.S, Australia, New Zealand and China. We are distributing our import items with our own marketing net work in all main cities. And direct contract with top manufacturing industries to supply their required raw materials on annual contract basis.

We are mainly in need of OCC, Craft papers, mixed waste paper and Number one white cuttings, for Indian paper manufacturing industries .

Kindly send us with your detailed offers and price quotation on FOB basis as well as C&F basis for the port Tuticorin ,India

Waste paper: Africa


Please give me more details to quote you our best price.

Waste Paper


Myself Mr Sameer from Mauritius.

Please let me know your requirement for wastepaper size etc. so that i can quote you best price


Waste paper for sale in Cameroon

We got waste paper for sale in Cameroon. If interested contact me for more information

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