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Oven Dried Catfish for Sale: Nigeria

Oven Dried Cat fish for sale. OVEN DRIED CATFISH DELIVERY WORLDWIDE - Export, Import and Trading.

ARE you interested in a great oven-dried Catfish offers?

Deepsea Environmental and Safety services specialized in the trade of high quality well processed and hygienically packaged catfish. Both wild catch and farmed raised in fresh water take care of all immediate and long time demands.

We deliver in quantities that suit your business, from a single carton of 24 fishes, to FCL.

We deliver our products and services to importers in the following food sector: industry, wholesale suppliers, foodservice distributors and retail.


Fish: Catfish

Origin: Africa: Nigeria [Aquaculture: wild & farmed]

Processing: Whole Round [WR], Gutted & Scaled [G&S]

Categories: Fillets, headless, Skinless, Skin-on & Boneless

Drying Process: Oven dried, IQD [Individually Quick Dry]

Certifications: NAFDAC, AQS

Packaging: IWP [Individually Wrap Package], Bulk interleaf.

Delivery: From few kilograms to full container load.

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