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Offers for Africans

1) We export Bonny Light Crude Oil from NNPC Nigeria to any country in the world without any direct or indirect upfront payment.The supply can be made when any of these instruments; DLC,MT103-72,MT199 BLOCKED FUND,MT799 BLOCKED FUND & MT760 are sent to us through bank to bank swift message from prime banks.

2) We supply best quality Bullet Proof Doors


3) We help young people who want to travel abroad from Africa get Student Visas, We give them Travel Guide and Counseling on how to live abroad to make sure they don't get exposed to Human Traffickers, Drug Traffickers or Terrorists throughout their oversea trip and we hope to employ them after our manufacture company project is fully completed.

4) We provide Financial Instruments like Bank Draft , Bank Guarantee etc for big companies handling huge projects.

5) We also import cars from overseas to Africa.

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