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Looking for Distributors in Africa

Dear Sir,

Will you consider to be our Exclusive Distributor in your country?

We are manufacturer &exporter in Mersin Free Zone,Turkey of following products;;

H.S.Code Product Name

18050000 Cocoa Powder

21011292 Coffee Powder(3in1 & 4in1)

21023000 Baking Powder

21041000 Soups,Beef and Chicken Bouillons(powder and cube)

21069098 Whipped Creams,Jellies,Instant Powder Drinks(all flavored)

Packed in retail packs/sachets/boxes/cans,varying from 9 grams upto 25 kilos,under our 3 brands,as well as private labels.

(We can even do other packaged similar products)

Pls inform if you are interested,or would you like to act as broker to find a distributor in your region?

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