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Transform your old concrete flooring, brick paving or precast wall into a work of art that is pleasing to the eye. Thanks to new advances, concrete is quickly redefining its role in the concrete flooring marketplace. Today, Decorative Concrete Floors can be made durable with coatings applied in a wide variety of finishes and colours offering the home or property owner endless design possibilities. 

With new tools and practices, it can even acquire the look and feel of brick, slate, tile or cobblestone. Builders and property owners alike are now realizing that decorative concrete coatings can add value, flexibility, and curb appeal to their projects while allowing them to stay within budget.

Decorative Concrete was usually limited to a mason scoring a flagstone-like design, or embedding sticks, leaves and even impressing coffee cans into the surface to achieve a desired effect. Today, the leading edge of concrete is a process called Decorative Concrete Coatings or Concrete Overlays. This involves re-coating old pitted ugly grey concrete with a polymer modified cement material by either troweling, spraying, or stamping it with concrete imprinting mats or concrete stamping mats, copied from actual brick or stonework. When the application is complete, the product is then coloured or acid stained and sealed, providing greater stain and weather resistance. The result is a surface that combines the beauty of masonry with the durability of concrete. There are over 40 different colours to choose from, ranging from natural earth tones to bright pastels. Pattern choices include slate, brick, cobblestone, tile, flagstone and more.

The beauty of stained concrete is that the variegated finish blends well with imperfections, so don't think that just because your floor has issues, you can't stain it.

The cost of etched and stained concrete flooring varies widely. It has become an art form, so much of the cost is the time, skill and intricate detail put into it by the concrete etch artist. A lot of work goes into one of these floors, but the final result, if properly done by a talented and trained artist, is every bit as beautiful as a marble floor and will last just about forever.

1-Easy to maintain - Nothing is easier. Just a quick sweep and a damp mop is all it takes, with a good waxing once a year to maintain the shine.

2-Health benefits - One of the best things about stained concrete flooring is it does not hold dust and allergens. It is the best choice for people with allergies.

3-Green friendly - Since the floor is basically using the foundation that is already there, there is no wood to cut or carpet to produce.

4-Energy efficient - Concrete floors can actually reduce utility bills since they stay cool in the summer and a few throw rugs can bring out their warmth in the winter.

5-Extremely tough - Invulnerable to tearing, gouging, mold, and water damage. A maintained stained concrete promises a mature life and rarely needs replacement. 

6-Produces a stunning finish - Whether you stain first or just seal plain concrete, the effect is a beautifully finished concrete floor that will bring you joy for many years.

7-Revitalizes lackluster surfaces - Combining beauty with functionality, concrete stain imparts a luxurious rich look and has become the preferred medium for revitalizing lackluster surfaces.

8-Unlimited options - Hundreds of colours, designs, patterns and textures for you to choose from.

9-Ultra durable and long lasting - Does not shatter like a tile if something heavy is dropped onto the floor.

10-Minimal disruption - Can be applied directly to new and old concrete and the work can be completed in a few days.

11-Cost efficient - Costs much less than you think.

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