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Priority Communications Ltd.
Lagos, Nigeria

Priority Communications Limited is a leading player in telecommunications and data communications services to private, public and corporate organizations in Nigeria and sub Sahara African countries. 

Priority Communications Limited provides products and services geared towards the development and utilization of broadband computer technologies that offers fast, efficient, effective and easy access to business enterprises in the delivery of prompt services to their various customers anywhere and at any time. 

Our standard policy ensures that we connect and deliver first-class, modern engineering equipment and support services that conform with best international standard practice to our numerous clients. We are the craving telecoms solutions needs to our clients and prospective clients in the business of integrated information and data services business, we are the best hand for the job. 

Priority Communications limited is a duly incorporated company that meets all the statutory requirements as stipulated in the industry operational legal act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the relevant government regulatory body. 

The services we offer include but are not limited to: • Wireless Networking (point to point/point to multi point radio links) • Local Area Networking (LAN) 
• Virtual Private Network (VPN) 
• Equipment – Router and switches sales
• Tower Installation and Maintenance 
• Computer sales and maintenance 
• VSAT Installation and Internet Services

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