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Lachlan Kenya Ltd.
Nairobi , Kenya

Exclusive marketing and distribution agents in East for foreign Principals; contracted through market intelligence to promote, position and sell products after technical development and registration, and thereafter to ensure growth, integrity of product origin and continued quality of product and service of distributor.

For Lachlan to source and offer unique proprietary products and services to enable customers, large and small, to benefit from advanced technologies and concepts that, through Fusion farming, will merge the use of biologicals and botanicals with reduced toxicity pesticides.

Business Areas
Agricultural crop protection
Chemicals organic fertilizers
Soil improvement products

Within our customer base, we aim to educate and encourage environmentally intelligent farming that meets and exceeds competitive expectations of both the Grower within and to his market, and our Principals.

Lachlan Kenya Limited, Branded “Lachlan @griculture” was established in May 2000.
Lachlan agriculture has over 45 permanent employees of different backgrounds and cultures that keep it ahead in providing crop and pest management solutions.
Lachlan agriculture has emerged to be a market leader having distribution channels spreading from Kenya to Burundi, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.
Lachlan agriculture has multinational key partners with products segments ranging from Crop protection chemicals, Biological control agents, Spray equipment, Seeds, Organics and Specialized fertilizers. These target sectors such as Cotton, Coffee, Fruits, Export Horticulture, Sugar Cane, and Cereals.

Special Fertilizers
Agricultural Equipments
Biocides, Soil And Water Acidifiers
Sticker, Spreader, Adjuvants
In addition we have products for other sectors such as for pest control in Building and Construction and Termite Control.
Lachlan agriculture is a member of the Agrochemicals Association of Kenya (AAK) and its pesticides registered locally by Pest Control Products Board (PCPB).
Lachlan agriculture is dedicated to being a leader by keeping the farmers needs in focus.
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