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Amake Hardware
Nairobi, Kenya

Amake Hardware supplies some of the finest quality PVC, paint, nails, hardware tools, hammer, accessories , Aluminum Tool Case, ool Storage & Workstations, Screw Drivers, Cutting Tools & Pliers, Hand Drills, Gimlets & Awls, Screwdrivers & Nut Drivers, Hammers & Striking Tools in the Kenyan market. We have built up a reputation of being one of the most trustworthy business partners that other firms can be associated with in order to achieve their business objectives. 

By fostering a new regime of mutual economic prosperity, we enable our partners to grow their businesses by focusing on other key areas. The work that we do speaks for itself, as far as our partners are concerned, however, we find that they are always more than happy to directly inform us of the positive, beneficial impact that working with us has had on their business. To us, such accolades only go to show that by focusing on the customer and her or his needs, no wrong can be done. 

Also, we consider it prudent business policy to focus on a system of continuous improvement, making sure that our customers and business partners receive the best, because nothing else will do. 

When you come to Amake Hardware, you will be receiving the best. That is the assurance of quality that we make to our customers because we understand how much you value investing your hard-earned wealth, no matter how small the investment. 

On that note, we urge you to get in touch with us today, or to drop in and see how we can take care of your needs by providing you with the best products that you will find in the market. Help us work closely with you to make your world a much better place to live.

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