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Nairobi, Kenya

Located in the port city of Mombasa, Tradecon (MSA) Ltd. is renowned as a top supplier of all kinds of hardware and building materials in East Africa. As one of the largest importers in East Africa, Tradecon (MSA) Ltd. has been supplying tools, machinery, roofings and other building materials to the entire East African markets.

Tradecon (Msa) Limited was established in 1993 as an Industrial and Electrical Hardware supplier. From humble beginnings, we have expanded from a small business unit with agencies for BANDO belts and BORSTLAP Fasteners as our mainstream supply portfolio, with the appointment of Mr. M. A. Knight, Tradecon (Msa) Limited has secured Coast Agencies for SKF Bearings, EDL (Kenya agents for VICKERS and  AEROQUIP Industrial -  Hydraulic Division,  and DEWALT Power Tools, SADOLIN and CROWN Paints among others. The turnover has increased, from a modest US$ 320,000.00 to over US$ 1,300,000.00 to date, in just over 5 years! Given the depressed economic situation in Kenya during this period, it underlines Tradecon (MSA) Ltd's commitment to providing unsurpassed service to it's clients, which is indicated by this tremendous growth.


SKF Kenya Limited. 
The largest Bearing Manufacturer in the World!! Their product range includes all kinds of bearings, seals, tools and condition testing equipment that are used by major equipment manufacturers around the world.

DEWALT Power Tools. 
These are Professional power tools designed for rugged industrial environments, which cannot be sustained by other conventional makes and backed, by direct factory warrantees and an extensive parts inventory.

The leading manufacturers of high quality paints and coatings for civil, automotive and marine applications.

EDL – Engineering Development Limited. 
The large hydraulics and pneumatics company  and gents for Vickers and Aeroquip Hydraulics They offer cutting edge technology in refurbishment of all types of Hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders, pumps. Their workshop facilities include the latest equipment for repairs and testing of all makes of equipment.

The world's leading manufacturer of Carbon Brushes and Brush Holders specified by practically all motor and generator manufacturers globally.

AEROQUIP Hydraulic products complete with a fully equipped workshop in our premises.  

GLOBAL GASES (K) Limited. 
Manufacturers of the complete range of Medical and Industrial Gases

EXSORBET Oil Spill Control Inc. 
World leaders in Oil Spill control products such as Micro-Blaze and Exsorbet, which are biodegradable and eco friendly.

EUROTHERM Drives (UK) Limited. 
Part of the Unisys Group, they manufacture complete and affordable micro-processor controlled drive solutions for cranes (KPA – Portal Cranes have these drives), process lines, earth moving and drilling rigs to all parts of the world

BOC Kenya Limited. 
Welding Equipment, Industrial and Medical Gases and Medical Equipment. See Letter attached.

Manufacturers of high quality FONTARGEN Welding Rods for all types of metals for both Electric and Gas welding applications. 

To provide our clients with professional services both in Supply and in Information of the Latest Developments in Technology. Drawing from our vast pool of agencies worldwide, we are able to provide clients with high quality equipment and spare parts from around the world at very competitive prices with minimum delays. With back up from our principals we are also able to provide clients with the latest updates on technology whether it is Bearings or Microprocessor Controlled Equipment, resulting in more efficient and cost effective maintenance for our clients. To achieve this, we have a team of highly trained and motivated employees, who give our clients the most compatible solutions to their problems.

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