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Kasese Cobalt Company Limited
KASESE, Uganda

Kasese Cobalt company Ltd. (KCCL) was formed in 1992 as a corporate entity with the government of Uganda to recover cobalt metal from an unstable stockpile of a cobalt-rich sulphide concentrate (pyrite). It is located near Kasese town(30E,00"17N), 420 km west of Kampala, Uganda along the Kasese-Mbarara road. The project’s cost was US$153 million making it the largest foreign investment in Uganda. It has also attracted grants from international government agencies for environmental projects, health centres, roads, bridges and other community projects The project will process cobalt from existing cobalt-rich pyrite stockpiles at Kasese. Cobalt is extracted using a bioleaching process that is unique to the KCCL operation, the only cobalt bioleach operation in the world. The project is having an extremely positive impact in the surrounding area and eco systems by removing the threat of acid water runoff and contamination of Lake George and Queen Elizabeth National Park KCCL, in co-operation with the Ugandan government, regional and local stake holders, is a leading company in setting standards in corporate social responsibility, Human Resources management, safe efficient operations and contributes to the uplifting of social and economic conditions in Kasese and surrounding areas.

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