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Nasr City, Egypt

Industrial company for producing natural medicines for body care, free of any chemical substances and unnatural additives. CROROCH is the first, herbal supplement working by suppressing appetite through its novel mechanism and mode of Action designed under the recommendation of ADA ( American Dietetic association).

CROROCH works as appetite suppressant through making bulk formation in the stomach, its size average 400 to 500 Ml and this mass spends 6-8 hours suppressing the appetite and achieves weight loss from 4 to 5 Kilograms per month.

According to the recommendation of ADA use of 25 to 30 Gram of Fiber per day is the best method to reach the filling of satiety and lead to consume half of the usual amount of food intake.

Nutri Health co. produces CROROCH under license of the Ministry of Health.


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