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Lagos, Nigeria

Kotco Energy Limited ("KEL") is a pioneer company in Nigeria, engaged in manufacturing and repairing of power and distribution transformers. In collaboration with its European Partner – Power Generation Industries Limited it has developed state of the art factory for serving the electrical needs of the Nigerian and West African Markets. 

Our factory undertakes manufacture and repair of power and distribution transformers from 50 KVA up to30 MVA within 33 KV/11KV Voltage Class. Its highly skilled and experienced engineering and service teams will ensure that the global electricity market enjoys the best quality of its products and services.

Our company was formerly known as Kotco Power Industries Limited (KPIL) and was incorporated as a Private Limited Liability Company in 2002. With an Authorised Share Capital of 1,000,000 (One Million) Ordinary Shares of N1.00 each, its initial core objective was the importation and sale of power and distribution transformers but has now encompassed the local manufacturing of High grade transformers. However before the Company transformed to KEL, it had been facilitating the transmission of power generation and distribution of electricity throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the name of Kolawole Oyefeso Technical Company (KOTCO). 

Business expansion came through in 1973 when KOTCO went into the importation of complete transformers from P.G Allen Limited in the United Kingdom and Karl Riewesell Incorporation in Germany thereby encouraging the need for a change in the Company's name to Kotco Power Industries Limited. It further expanded its business by manufacturing, assembling and refurbishing Power and distribution transformers in the year 2000 in conjunction with an overseas technical partner Power Generation Industries (PGI) of the United Kingdom. 

In 2004, due to funding requirement through capital injection and the need to expand her productive capacity to meet up with market demand, KEL invited Wema Bank Plc to invest in the company through the Small and Medium Equity Investment Scheme (SMEIS). 

Presently, Kotco Energy Limited is engaged in the Manufacturing and Refurbishment of Power and Distribution Transformers of 50KVA up to 40MVA within the 33KV/11KV Voltage Class. It has developed a state of the art factory for providing transformer manufacturing and repair services that are geared toward meeting the electrical needs of Nigerians. The company has highly skilled and experienced engineers and service teams that would ensure that the electricity market in Nigeria enjoys the best of its quality products and services.

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