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SMSize Solutions Ltd.
Lusaka, Zambia

Services SMSize is a one stop company that provides ICT Solutions ranging from Websites, Ecommerce, Mobile ,Software and Communication. Website , E-commerce Design and Consultancy SMSize provides Web Solutions for Businesses and Individuals. We develop Websites that are Content Management Systems and Ecommerce enabled. The Website and Application Hosting is done on state of the art hardware and Software with a 24/7 uptime and support. 

We also register domains for companies and individuals. Bandwidth Management and Optimisation SMSize realise the importance and the cost that go with internet. Internet facilities if not well attended to can cost the organisation alot of money. 

We provide Bandwidth management solutions that will cut the cost of Internet by 30% . Bulk SMS Service , SMS Competitions system, SMS ordering systems, Short code Applications We provide Bulk SMS Services for Companies, Universities, Businesses and Faith organisation. 

We also provide solutions for SMS Couponing, Invitations, Reminders, Competitions and Ticketing. SMSize develops and implements customised as well as generic short code based applications. These applications could be used by both Individuals and Businesses. 

With the implementation of mobile systems businesses are able to market directly to there consumers using mobile phones. Server (DNS,WEB , MAIL,APPLICATION,FILE) Administration 

We provide installation of Servers based on Lunix/Unix and Windows LAN And WAN Networkking Solutions 

We design, install wired and wiress corporate networks on Windows and Lunix based systems Smart Phone tailored applications: As mobile phones become more and more complex and provide more functions for there users many applications are being run on them.We develop and deploy applications for iPhones and generic smart phones,these applications could be used to carry out a mobile marketing campaign or as a tool to make a brand have more brand awareness.

Customer Relation Management Systems (CRM):

SMSize provides tailored CRM for organisation to keep track of their Sales, Opportunities,Leads, Projects among other things.

College/University Course and Registration Systems

For Colleges and Universities, we provide the online registration and course management system.
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