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Inside Africa River Cruises
Harare , Zimbabwe

Inside Africa River Cruises is a private tour operator registered in Zimbabwe. The company a variety of holiday activities aroundbZimbabwe. The company also operates private river boat safaries and conferences on the boat on the upper Zambezi River in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe.

Inside Africa River Cruises offers custom safaris in East, southern and Central Africa and has bases in Zimbabwe. Safari options range from traditional safaris in mainstream destinations to specialist trips in Africa's remotest parts. Trips start at 4 days and can last several weeks, the average safari falling in the six to ten-day range.

We see all the major sites of each place, and as well as that seeing the way the locals live in small rural communities, seeing how the locals live and experiencing it with them. Peregrine understands that seeing the major sites must be done, but they know that the memories of the small village, or sharing a meal with a local family will be memories that last a lifetime. Peregrine are specialists in sharing their local knowledge with you, ensuring you have experiences that you will be able to talk about for years.

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