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Hawkins Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd.
Durban, South Africa

Hawkins has been the South African market leader in developing and manufacturing battery chargers for the domestic, leisure, professional and industrial markets since 1961. The Hawkins brand is synonomous with the highest quality, reliability, ruggedness, robustness and serviceability. Hawkins products are amongst the best available and we do not intend to compete with cheap imported products. Hawkins products are made for life and will probably be the last battery charger you ever need to purchase. 

In recent years Hawkins expanded their product offering by introducing high performance durable modified and pure sinewave DC to AC inverters suitable for domestic, mobile, leisure and commercial applications. 

Besides offering a wide range of charging solutions utilising the latest available technology, our highly reliable and versitile manual chargers are targeted at those who want to remain in personal control of their battery charging as well as proffessionals offering battery charging and maintenance as a service to their customers. 

Our stringent manufacturing and quality processes ensure that the product you receive has been built and tested to meet or exceed all our demanding standards and specifications. Our philosophy is if you don't make it well, don't make it at all. 

Hawkins products cater for all kinds of battery charging needs from simple, relatively inexpensive taper chargers to sophisticated state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled battery management systems aimed at extending the life of modern batteries.

We know that our consumers will only consider DC to AC inverters based on the same demanding criteria as they would any durable appliance and besides being a high quality, efficient and reliable product, it is also engineered to be aesthetically pleasing. 

At Hawkins we offer a full two year warranty including materials and labour on all of our products, thereafter we offer a standard repair cost per product on a service exchange basis.
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