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EVEREADY East Africa Ltd.
Nakuru, Kenya

Eveready East Africa Ltd. plant based in Nakuru and is one of the largest battery factories in Africa with a capacity of over 200 million pakapower batteries annually and a workforce of about 250 people. This together with one of the best distribution systems in the East Africa and a brand second to none has ensured the company long term success, continued product improvement and a keen desire to understand what the consumer expects and what the competitors are doing has remained the priority areas for our company.

EVEREADY's heritage is also tied to employee dedication and team work. Since our beginning we have been affiliated with Eveready Battery Company, USA which has existed for over 110 years. We are proud of this linkage as it gives a history of firsts for the portable power industry such as: In 1898 Eveready introduced the world's first flashlight, In 1959 Eveready introduced the world's first alkaline battery, In 1992 Eveready introduced the world's first AA size lithium battery. 

EVEREADY'S main brands include EVEREADY, Energizer and Schick which are recognized world over for their distinct quality. EVEREADY has an extensive network of associates and distributors whose support for its business in East Africa forms a far-reaching network to ensure that the company meets the power and shaving requirements of people all over East Africa.

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