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Khartoum, Sudan

COMPUTER GUARD an Offshore Software Development Company based in Sudan cost-effective offshore software development services with a full portfolio of Internet oriented solutions as well as professional Intranet and Client-server consulting services. Our well-managed staff has extensive experience in software engineering, including system analysis, high level and low level system design, database design and development, software synthesis, coding, testing, implementation and support. 

Our Web Programmers have extensive expertise in Server side coding implementing ASP, PHP, JSP, Cold Fusion. Our team has extensive expertise in the field of e-Commerce and Portal development. We also maintain strategic partnerships with international Software Development companies and vendors like Microsoft, Oracle, Sun. 

Unlike other offshore development companies which house all of their staff in other countries, COMPUTER GUARD maintains sales, marketing and IT project management staff in SUDAN. Therefore we can perform onsite design and communicate seamlessly with our clients. But because we perform most of our programming in SUDAN, we can significantly reduce development expenses and send on the savings to you, our client. Background The company was founded in 1998 by a group of computer engineers who are all graduates from the University of Khartoum, (batch 1993) with a view to filling the void in the software development services in SUDAN, on a scientific base. 

After graduating from UK and working in different companies and government departments in diverse areas and applications they decided to pool their acquired experiences in creating what was lacking most companies at that time in Sudan - custom built systems. 

COMPUTER GUARD team is committed to clients' success. Building a thriving business demands clever thinking, wise planning and total dedication. At COMPUTER GUARD, we know that when our Clients win, we win. It's that simple.

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