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Bamenda, NWR, Cameroon

We are ready to be your distributor in Cameroon and the CEMAC market. We are Ndifor Group Company Limited (NGCL) registered in the Republic of Cameroon. Ndifor Group Company Limited is a consulting trading group that helps corporations, financial institutions, and governmental entities across the spectrum of their critical business and legal issues locally/CEMAC, West Africa/Africa. 

We have field personnel's operating within the above mentioned areas and especially within the Cameroon inside administration to help companies willing to exploit the local/continental market to have access into closed doors, facilitate their intended business activities. Ndifor Group Company Limited offers an exceptional, high quality local capability, with extensive reach into the world's commercial and financial centers; particular and distinctive strengths in the areas of government regulatory, litigation and arbitration, corporate, finance, and intellectual property; and access to a significant depth of knowledge and resource in many major industry sectors including hotels and leisure, telecommunications, media and technology, energy and natural resources, infrastructure, financial services, life sciences and healthcare, consumer, and real estate. 

Our practice breadth, geographical reach, and industry knowledge provide us with insights into the issues that affect our clients most deeply and enable us to provide high quality business-oriented legal advice to assist them in achieving their commercial goals.  

Ndifor Group Company Limited is distinguished by a highly collaborative culture which values the contribution of our diverse team both within Ndifor Group Company Limited and in the wider community. Our style is open, service focused, and friendly. We believe that our commitment to client service, commercialiality, and teamwork provides benefits to our clients and enhances effective business relationships. it is our specialty to help your companies enter the Cameroon/African Market for any business endeavor. 

We are specialized in all the bureaucratic process/paperwork and we have special relationship with high priority officials which we take steps to facilitate accesses to enable your company attend its goals. We do also welcome individual persons interested in exploiting the African Market both in import/export, production/exploitation of raw materials. For any leisure tour, contact us. 
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