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We are a financial boutique dedicated to international trade. We work with customers from all over the world. MORYL INTER CONSULTING's solutions involve the use of Letter of Credit and collateral arrangements with many banking and financial institutions. Our Letter of Credit clients are importers as well as commercial companies from around the world aiming to grow their business by leveraging their existing cash flow to the maximum. MORYL INTER CONSULTING also provides advice on the financing of business operations to importers and trading companies around the world seeking to expand their business. We provide advice for structured trade finance, including the initial structure of the transaction, as well as linking with suitable financiers and investors.

  Our products are:

Letters of Credit


Letters of Credit "Back to Back"

SWIFT Messages

Asset Financing

Non-recourse Discount (Forfaiting)

Discount and Factoring

The Escrow

The Confirmed Letter of Credit

We provide financial solutions for importers and international companies. You can work with your suppliers without immobilizing your cash until delivery.

We start each transaction with a knowledge of our customers and then recommend solutions to help our customers to develop their business without sacrificing the strengths of it.

Depending on the needs of the client we will offer the use of one of our solutions or present a partner better able to help the customer. We look at all transactions in terms of international trade financing. This means that if your business involves the movement of goods from one country to another, and you need to finance this aspect of your business, we can help you. We work with importers, exporters, traders and brokers.

   So if you are in need of a financial product, then write me, we have effective solutions to serve you all over the world.

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