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MPI Suppliers Ltd.
Abuja, Nigeria

MPI Suppliers Limited is a Nigerian registered company under the MPI group that deals with innovative product from Nanotechnology in equipment maintenance and lubrication. The company is an exclusive distributor of a range of NanoProtech products for industrial and home use. 

NanoProtech super line product protect metals, electric and electronis from wear and tear and damages as a result of moisture and water. It restores electrical and electronics damaged as a result of contact with water. It lubricates movable parts through its penetrating and capillary action and you do not need to disassemble the parts. It prevents from corrosion longer than any other product in the market and as a result will be useful in a wide areas of operations. It protects for at least one year and can work for up to three to five years. Companies that have tested this product has accepted its usefulness in maintenance of their equipment as it increases equipment useful life by up to three times.

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