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Nairobi, Kenya

OPENWORLD has developed a Performance Management System (PMS) that enables top managers of public service institutions and the performance contracting department to continuously monitor performance in real time, in both head offices and downstream offices throughout the country We have been delving into the intricacies surrounding preparation, bidding and procuring government tenders, hoping to bring some insight and educate the youth and you looking to apply for government tenders. In this article we look at the benefits that may be associated with government tenders as well as the downside, and how to ensure your bid is successful. 

Our client, the Government of Kenya has, in the last eight years, been implementing public sector reforms that are geared towards regulating the manner, propriety and effectiveness of the services offered by public institutions. This is in recognition that the quality of these services has significant impact on, and contributes to socio-economic development and welfare of the citizens. 

Earlier, our local dailies reported a warning from an enterprise lobby group. The lobby group, Emerging Enterprise, warned that young people might be sidelined on government procurement contracts for the 2013/14 fiscal year because of the government's failure to institute clear policies on how it intends to effect the 30 percent youth preference and reservation scheme, especially following the recent gazette notices asking for tender applications. 

However, a representative from the Youth Enterprise Fund (YEF) clarified that quite a number of youth have already presented their applications for the advertised tenders. Recently however, the procurement entities waived the Sh.5,000 fees for application documents, YEF believes the playing ground has been leveled. Having said that, the main disadvantage, from a seller's perspective is the time and money spent on making the tender with any guarantee you will get the business. 

Another disadvantage results from the competitive nature of the process. This may cause some people to cut corners as they try to land the contract. It may also lead to tenders being awarded based on costs, thus cutting off some people regardless of the quality of the material.

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