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YESBUD Summit [Innovative Zambian Youths Organization ]
Copperbelt University (CBU)


1 – 2 February 2018

The Youths Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Summit is a unique two days conference for youth centered on innovation and entrepreneurship, featuring interactive Young CEO/Entrepreneurs Roundtable workshops, one-on-one business mentorship, engaging speakers, networking opportunities and provides maxi,um brand exposure to African Young Entrepreneurs. This combination of activities will help youths to develop new skills while also energizing their entrepreneurial spirits, immersing them in a community of like-minded pears and forging lifelong connection.

Active participation. Attendee will be actively engaged as a full participant throughout the entire event. Unlike typical events where most attendees are passive listeners, attendee active participation at the Youth Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Summit actually matters to the overall outcome.

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