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Africa Online Holdings Limited
Nairobi, Kenya

Africa Online is the preferred premium provider of Internet services on the African continent. Our teams consist of experienced and dedicated professionals who are well qualified to assist you to implement Internet solutions on most types of environments either standalone or networked (LAN/WAN). Africa Online was founded with the sole purpose of bringing the best in Internet services to Africa. This goal is written into our mission statement, and drives all actions we take as a company. 

In 1994, Africa Online was a group of 10 people struggling to bring the Internet to Kenya. Today, we consists of over 300 employees in nine countries, dedicated to our work and to our customers. Our in-country customer support departments provide quick turnaround after-sales support and service to our customers. Our highly trained personnel visit and guide customers through any potential problems and provide assistance in selecting new services as the customer's needs grow. 

The customer support teams works closely with the local technical departments to ensure successful implementation of our service to every customer. Due to our pan-African geographical reach and extensive partnership agreements, Africa Online is positioned to provide corporate customers and institutions with a wide range of solutions in a number of customers. 

We have positioned ourselves as the "one stop shop" for customers requiring a single point of access to manage their pan-African requirements. Africa Online's systems are maintained around the clock. We have established a network in Africa that has several redundancy routes and where possible complete ownership of the network and infrastructure. 

As an innovative, Pan African ICT provider, Africa Online is able to offer a wide range of cutting edge products and services suited for all customer needs. From single consumer services to complex connectivity solutions for the large multinational, at Africa Online we pride ourselves in offering a number of tailor made solutions to respond to customer requirements. We currently distinguish between consumer and small business point-to-point solutions and larger multi-point corporate solutions. We also offer a wide range of value added services which are offered in specific markets across the continent. Consumer Services Technological advances over the past several years along with a liberalization of telecommunications markets in a number of our markets have allowed us to deliver more innovative products to our consumers. 

The introduction of wireless and ADSL technology has increased the capacity at which we can deliver data and information to our customers. In several of our markets, we are able to provide broadband Internet services using either copper or wireless local loop infrastructure. At Africa Online, consumer services have traditionally been associated with a wide range of usage based and flat rate dial-up access products targeting the individual home users and small and medium sized enterprises. The services offered include dial-up access to the Internet and electronic mail accounts to facilitate the sending and receiving of electronic data and communications. Depending on the specific market, a number of products are offered under the dial-up product range, which include unlimited e-mail, Internet access for a flat-fee and a pay-per-use service where clients are charged a nominal monthly fee but pay for usage. Corporate Services Whether your company requires a single point connectivity solution or a complex multi-point network solution, Africa Online is able to provide your business with a solution best suited for your needs. Africa Online's wide range of corporate services vary according to each market and are a function of the regulatory environment in which we operate. 

Dedicated leased lines can be offered in most markets through partnership with the national telecommunications provider. Such services vary in bandwidth provision and service level agreements. Broadband wireless access is currently available using a number of different wireless technologies. VSAT connectivity is available in some markets (Ghana, Zimbabwe and Tanzania). Africa Online also offers DSL, WAN and VPN solutions. Please contact your local Africa Online office to find out what corporate services are offered in your country. 

Value Added Services Africa Online offers a wide range of value added services across our network. As an ICT provider offering the widest geographical coverage in sub-Saharan Africa, we are well positioned to offer roaming services through roaming partners. We also provide a number of hosting, security and networking solutions. For a full list of the services available in each of our markets, please consult the respective country pages.

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