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Express Automation
Nairobi, Kenya

Provider of office automation machines of all kinds. In East Africa's fast-changing commercial world, only one company has the technology, the talent and the truly innovative spirit to provide you with perfect solutions for your every business need. With nearly two decades of hands-on experience in the regional market, exclusive links to the world's leading office and communications manufacturers, and the best technical minds in the business, we are the only company in the region that can put you in touch - and keep you in touch - with the world. 

With a young and dynamic team of professionals working around the clock, Express Automation is dedicated to designing and maintaining practical and affordable solutions to your specific business and communication needs. Whether you come to us for a two-way radio or an integrated digital telecommunications network, a state-of-the-art document management system or the latest broadband wireless technology, you are never just buying a piece of world-class equipment.

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