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Al Kamal Cosmetics

The Jewellery Place
Lagos, Nigeria

At The Jewellery Place we stock stylish, elegant, and unusual jewellery. Little wonder "You have the most beautiful and unusual things" is the comment most often heard at our store. Our philosophy is that our customers deserve to be treated beautifully while they shop for beautiful things! Our designs are truly interesting and will suit any occasion and facial structure...oblong…oval round…how is yours? Brazilian jewelleries are the order of the day!

You need to take a break from Italian and try our Brazilian fancies. At the jewellery place we allay your fears completely. We teach you how to use and how to maintain your jewelleries. There's a standby ultrasonic machine that cleans your BRUNA in case of any challenge or defect. We clean for you at no cost and your jewellery is back to life. 

Your BRUNA can also be worked on as it enters fire like 18crt gold. This implies that cut chains can be mended, earrings and pendants can be fixed and there's no permanent loss! Thanks to BRUNA. Customized services are also available. You can actually bring any design you want and we make it for you. Your names, ideas…….whatever and however, we will be there for you.

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