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Al Kamal Cosmetics

Al Kamal Cosmetics
Sharjah , United Arab Emirates

Al Kamal Shampoo & Cleaning Material International LLC is a highly professional and experienced manufacturer of hair care, face and body care and hygienic products for more than 15 years and produces high-quality products.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Al Kamal Shampoo & Cleaning Mat. Int. LLC has extensive experience in hair and beauty products. "Using high quality raw material, we provide our clients with top quality products," says Kamal Al Khatib, chairman and founder of Al Kamal Shampoo & Cleaning Mat. Int. LLC, who has over 25 years of hands-on experience in the field of cosmetics and beauty products. "We are able to develop hundreds of products based on well known formulas to meet all our customer needs. Our professional in-house design team can help you customize your own packaging," he says.

Al Kamal Shampoo & Cleaning Mat. Int. LLC is also a private label partner with leading outlets in and outside of UAE such as Carrefour, Spinneys, Union Co-Op and many others.

The company has been exporting its products in the local market, GCC, Arab countries, Africa and many others.

Al Kamal Shampoo & Cleaning Mat. Int. LLC also supplies Cleaning Materials to hotels, restaurants, cleaning companies, laundries and catering companies.

The company also sells all kinds of packaging, plastic & glass bottles, jars lotion & spray pumps, and is capable of supplying custom-made bottle moulds upon request.

KEMO products have already gained popularity in African markets and are being exported to Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire and Tanzania – to name a few.


To further increase its sales to the African market, Al Kamal Shampoo & Cleaning Mat. Int. LLC is looking for agents and distributors as well as wholesalers of cosmetics products in key African cities. "Our products are extremely popular with African consumers because of their high quality and competitive prices," says Kamal Al Khatib. "We also have a dedicated line of Afro haircare products that are very popular with African consumers. In fact, some of our dedicated cosmetics, beauty products and skincare products are produced specially for the African consumers," he says.

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