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Country Trading PLC
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

We are a powerful business entity which produces, imports & distributes and exports premium quality goods and services in Ethiopia. Trading PLC and its various divisions believe and uphold that Ethiopians deserve the best affordable goods and services available globally. 

Country Trading PLC is the second private company in Ethiopia to own and run a duty free shop. Millennium Duty Free, located at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, offers a wide variety of goods at the terminal. Once you've gone through Passport Control you'll find a selection of goods to buy Free of Duty. You'll find everything from confectionery to liquors and other drinks, from sunglasses and wristwatches to perfume, from cosmetics to Electronics and other products.
Whether you're an Ethiopian coming home or an international visitor, everyone can shop at Millennium Duty Free.

Electronics Subdivision

AKIRA - Makes Life Better

Ethiopian society has been transforming over the last couple of decades from a traditional society, which sought solution from nature, to a modern and technologically dependent society. Understanding this fact, Country Trading PLC has long been looking for durable and quality electronics producers all over the world. And now we have the answer for your diverse questions regarding electronic devices. Country trading PLC is the sole importer and distributor of AKIRA Electronics products.

The fact that its sales and distribution network has grown steadily over a short period of time and AKIRA has been sold in 60 countries across the globe, is a manifestation of how it has influenced the world market.

AKIRA has been awarded the rank of Super brands since March 2006. Furthermore, AKIRA won Singapore Brand Awards for two consecutive years. AKIRA was named one of the 15 "Most Valuable Singapore Brands" at the IE Singapore's Singapore Brand Awards 2004. The previous year, AKIRA was named one of the 15 "Strongest Singapore Brands" and also singled out as the "Brand to Watch"

Country trading PLC’s duty is to make Ethiopia not only destination but also source of quality products. As the agricultural development is growing rapidly and Ethiopia is becoming a cash crop cultivator nation, we export

Oil Seeds such as Sesame seed and Niger seed to the world market
Food grain to Far East and Asian countries
Ethiopian Coffee
Ethiopian Sugar

One day, Kaldi, an Abyssinian goatherd, who lived around 850 AD, observed his goats behaving in abnormally exuberant manner, skipping, rearing on their hind-legs and bleating loudly. He noticed they were eating the bright red berries that grew on the green bushes nearby.

Kaldi tried a few himself, and soon felt a novel sense of elation. He filled his pockets with the berries and ran home to announce his discovery to his wife. ‘They are heaven-sent,’ she declared. ‘You must take them to the Monks in the monastery.

Kaldi presented the chief Monk with a handful of berries and related his discovery of their miraculous effect. ‘Devil’s work! ’ exclaimed the monk, and hurled the berries in the fire.

Within minutes the monastery filled with the heavenly aroma of roasting (coffee) beans, and the other monks gathered to investigate. The beans were raked from the fire and crushed to extinguish the embers. The Monk ordered the grains to be placed in the ewer and covered with hot water to preserve their goodness. That night the monks sat up drinking the rich and fragrant brew, and from that day vowed they would drink it daily to keep them awake during their long, nocturnal devotions. (Source: Selamta, The In-Flight Magazine of ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES. Volume 13, Number 2. April – June 1996)

Today those self-same berries, dried, roasted and ground, have become the world’s second most popular non-alcoholic beverage after tea.

Coffee has always been one of the things Ethiopia is considered to have contributed to the world, if not the first. Then onwards, Ethiopia has been exporting, be it in a traditional way or modern business manner, the finest quality coffee to the rest of the world. And Country Trading PLC is proud to keep that tradition of exporting the most unique and fascinating Ethiopian coffees.

We manufacture and supply high quality nails in different sizes. Jaguar, a polished diamond-pointed nail is suitable for wooden furniture, floor and ceiling works etc. The nail factory has the capacity to produce 5 tones per day in average.

Packing: Cartoons of 5 Kgs

Gezana Real Estate to Satisfy Your Shelter Needs

YTY construction PLC
Country trading company is building trust with its valued customers based on its quality And extraordinary service. It is also expanding its strategic. business units.

Therefore, a new real estate sister company, entitled "Gezana" is established under YTY Construction pic to engage in the construction of modem houses.

Gezana Real Estate PLC
Gezana Real Estate is established under Y T Y Construction PLC and aimed at mitigating the shortage of houses which is one of the basic necessities of human kind. Starting from selecting proper residential area, the company will engage in constructing houses, property administration and other related activities and it will realize the dream of its customers by providing quality villas in reasonable price.
Our company has a number of large showrooms situated in the capital city, and branch show rooms in the regional states capital cities Awasa, Bahirdar, Dere Dawa, and Mekele. Our products are best in quality and have lived up to their image in satisfying the growing demand of our nation. In Addis Ababa our showrooms are located in different places. All our new brand electronics items are located around bole road in front of New York café Getu commercial center and around SarBet Admas Pavilion building. You can also find our liquor shop at Getu commercial center next to out electronics shop.

We also offer excellent after sales service to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied.        

Our main warehouse is located at the industrial area of Addis Ababa with a massive storage capacity and required facilities. It has more than twelve hundred meter square office area in less than ten kilometers distance from the airport and main customs store.
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