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Salimonu Co. Ltd.
Lagos, Nigeria

We are into the import and export business and specilaise in the import and distribution of products such as, Starters, Bulb, Fluorescent tubes, Fan, HP, Epson, Canon Ink, Toys, Mobile phones accessory.

At our market we are selling brand name SALIMONU STARTERS, while our Starter has brand name of SALIMONU NEW STAR for Chun IL Electronic in South Korea. These products are currently selling in our market in Nigeria.

We also import Motorola Talk About, ERICSSON (T-20, T-39) and Mobile Phones from Australia.

HP ink and Epson from China and Singapore. Ink refilling are currently imported from Summit Enterprise Pte Ltd China.

Generator are imported from KAMA in China,

Fluorescent tube and Bulbs are imported from Sino Star Lighting Co. Ltd China. 

We are marketing company with a well-equipped management team with many years of experience in international tade and business. Since the inception of SCNL, the company has worked tirelessly to ensure that it brings to Nigeria the best quality products at competitive prices.

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