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Norconsult deploys specialist skills in civil, structural, electrical and mechanical engineering, plus surveying and mapping. Into that traditional capability, we have folded information technology, management and accounting; human resource development and institutional strengthening; economics and social studies; cultural and heritage conservation; geographical information systems; environmental auditing, environmental planning and environmental management. 

The common thread is Norconsult's dedication to three themes: * Effective systems fulfilling client's needs, 
  • Integrated management of diverse skills, and 
  • Rapid transfer of capability to the client. Norconsult incorporates gender concern, alleviation of poverty and hardship, involvement of ethnic minorities and local communities, food security and conservation of traditional resource management into every project.
Norconsults skills blend into one activity: resource management with modern technology to meet the needs of our clients.

For example, services to power utilities range from feasibility studies of generation and transmission projects through design, the tendering process, contract management and supervision of construction, to improved techniques for cost accounting, billing and income management.

Similarly, in transportation, services range from road and bridge design and supervision of construction through traffic management to tariff systems. These are on-going examples, not theoretical statements. 
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