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ECAT For Paints & Inks (Primocat)
Maadi, Egypt

We are currently looking for distributors/dealers for our products in Africa countries such as; Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Cameroon and Mali.

Primocat is a modern company specialized in the manufacture of paints, colored materials. The company was founded in Egypt year of 2008 on the principles of excellence and scientific expertise.

Primocat is one of group member ECAT … The top of mind brand when it comes to the manufacturing and technical support of the water base flexography ink in the Middle East and North Africa.

A global team of administrative and technical staff is making a quantum leap in the manufacture of paints. Through a commitment to world-class art and creativity in the area of research and development, and through its firm belief in the need to establish a team of distinguished and talented individuals who are devoted to Excellency,

Primocat Paints is determined to offer the highest quality of products and service to its customers.

The Company offers a sincere promise to its customers to meet all of their requirements through its deep vision for research and development, training and after-sales service and integrated services

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