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Medina Chemicals Ltd.
Nairobi, Kenya

We are leading agents and distributors of veterinary pharmaceutical products with our headquarters in Kenya. For over a decade, we have satisfactorily cut a niche in the animal health sector through partnerships with international manufacturers, experienced staff and our valued clientele, which in return has helped us develop a reliable distribution network in the East African region.

Over the years, we have undertaken intensive market research and industry networking to ensure that we are always in line with the latest development in the industry. This tradition has successfully enabled us to build a wide client base and continues to anchor our legacy of growth and reliability in the market.

Our wide range of products and solutions are manufactured by reputable pharmaceutical companies around the world. Locally, we have a professionally qualified and experienced management team mandated to verify quality and reliability of the products we offer our clients. This team has developed customer education and has successfully established an information channel to assist and advise other practitioners and animal owners on veterinary health.
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