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Paraysco Consulting Inc
Douala, Cameroon

We are a recently created entity in Cameroon precisely a Consulting Firm.We want to protect our country's reputation and provide safety in business internationally by providing our clients with a secure and profitable deals under their various domains. We can negotiate concrete sales and exports under the Agricultural domain as well as forestry.

Since our raw materials are very cheap and affordable, we would be grateful to get investors who are willing to import these materials from our country. All we will need is to start somewhere and negotiate for better deals in the future.We are very much ready to receive you in our country for further negotiation and concretion of our business venture together.

Note: Cameroon is blessed with wonderful opportunities but fake guys spoil the chances of foreign investors and development in our country.We intend to emancipate that domain as soon as possible. 

We are anxiously waiting on your quick reply and your proposal for investment will be achieved as we further negotiations on our business deals.
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