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African Product Warehouse Ltd.
Tema, Ghana

African Product Warehouse is a marketer, distributor , importer and exporter of General Merchandise and also markets products directly to end users



We sell market trend product based on our intensive market research and analysis into which product sells in the marketplace


To help grow small businesses and serve our customers with high quality products through our Distributions chain at the best prices possible



  • Marketing
  • wholesale
  • distribution
  • Logistics
  • Import & Export
  • Warehousing

We help companies and individual sell their product through our distribution database of customers.

If you are looking for some one to help you sell your product then please contact us.

African Product Warehouse executes upon the custom projects many other large providers avoid.  We provide our clients with the most cost-effective, custom solutions by consolidating warehousing, transportation and delivery services. Our logistics specialists analyze and design custom supply chain solutions to meet the demands of an ever-changing market.

  • Metrics.  At African Product Warehouse, we always ensure that our communication efforts are measurable. Establishing key communications goals allows us to put effective systems in place to chart our clients’ success.
  • Personalities. Sharing details about the personality of a business may put them in a good light with their target audience. We’ve found providing the media with our clients’ community involvement results in significantly larger exposure.
  • Disclaimers. It’s essential to always share what consumers will expect.  Sharing detailed information about an event or promotion helps insure that all attendees are satisfied with their experience.
  • The 5Ws. Every communications specialist knows the 5Ws by heart: Who, What, When, Where and Why. We keep these questions top-of-mind and always provide as much of this information as possible.

It is important to take time to listen carefully to clients, while also observing customer interactions on a regular basis. At African Product Warehouse, we’ve found the smallest details add up to be the largest impressions.


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