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Simply Cartridge & Computers
Alberton, South Africa


Simply Cartridge & Computers trading as a Katlehang Trading Enterprise technology company and it�s is a value � added installation and maintenance company which was co found by Mrs. Shereen Thomas and Mr. H. Owen Thomas and together commenced business in September of 2002. The company mainly is specializing in ICT RANGE (Computers Laptops, Printers and Printer consumables), NETWORK CABLING, SPLICING and COMMUNICATIONS, CCTV, ACCESS CONTROL, ALARM SYSTEMS, PABX SYSTEMS, with the addition of supplying the complete range of ICT products ranging from HEWLETT PACKARD (HP) to DELL and all PRINTING solution.

Mr. H. Owen Thomas is currently KTE Technology technical director and he has currently 15 years of experience in the ICT industry ranging from installations, maintenance, and commissioning and project management. He is also a full member of Project Management South Africa (PMSA). His experience locally includes that of the industrial, telecommunications, and security and premise environments and based on that.

We do 1- System Integration

System integration involves planning, design, implementation and management of a solution composed of various hardware, software and services to address a client�s specific business needs. This is formalized on a contractual basis, constructed around system specifications to assure required levels of systems performance and

We do 2- System Migration

System migration involves the execution of a move from an existing environment to a new or modified environment, such as moving an organization from a host/ terminal environment to a client server distribution environment. This service includes assessing and implementing differences involved in the migration process such as specific cabling design, implementation, monitoring, splicing and system constructs, as well as human resource issues, such as training and productivity and

We do 3- ICT Architecture & Design

IT strategy is the result of the planning process that reviews the future informational needs of the organization and creates a vision for migrating systems. As a result, the strategy may call for an interactive process that smoothly migrates to a new architectures and platforms.

Capacity planning revolves around an evaluation of the amount of data and processing currently handled by the system, the system�s current capabilities and the anticipated workload on the system. This service includes mapping out a short to long term strategy of system requirements to meet anticipated and evolutionary changes in business and staff organization. Long term strategy involves scheduling and manipulating current workloads.

Change management is a process of orderly transformation and is normally directed at enhancing people skills or information systems.

With IT design we are able to develop detailed specifications of the information system, including a list of required information technology components, selection of a specific vendor�s technology, lay-out of the facility, security planning and cost analysis based on the design.

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