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Fergmu General Supplier
Chingola, Zambia

FERGMU GENERAL TRADING was incorporated in 2016 to carter for the demand of cost effective supplying and provision of services .our consultants and other members of staff undergo through advanced training in program to keep abreast with modern antiques in collaboration with the competition commission of Zambia.

Strategically positioned our business in this place in the town of Chingola because of our general nature of our trading business which is a centrally and radically located, making it easier for us to attend to our clients in different towns, provinces and to the world.


Bush Clearing

Stationery and office equipment�s


Food Stuffs/ Hard ware

Uniforms/Protective Clothing

Mining Services

Labour Hire

Electrical and Computer Accessories

General Trading and Services


Transportation/Car hire

Cleaning services and waste management

Garden and yard maintenance


Building repair and painting 

Medical consumable

Laboratory Equipment

All range and type of batteries

Automotive Parts and spares 

Fergmu General Trading is a business entity with a central focus on specialized Trading, agriculture and technical jobs in


To be among the top contactors, agriculture, trading and supplying business in the country and be highly regarded and sort after due to the excellence performance and loyalty in dealer relationship with our clients and to be leaders in the sourcing and supplying of commodities, overtime, we have learned the secret, practices and essentials of commodities supply business, especially in south/central Africa, where we have on extensive infrastructure of goodwill and contacts. This give us the ability to source and purchase substantial amount of various commodity stock ,making us reliable sources of various types, sizes, quantities and qualities of commodity.

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