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Banjul, Gambia

One of the largest commercial houses in the Gambia, Shyben A. Madi & Sons Ltd. imports and distributes a wide variety of products. In addition, the management of our company continually monitors the market and is fully informed of future trends. In so doing, we keep abreast and respond from a long-term perspective. We are agents for many internationally renowned brands in Gambia: 

Exclusive agencies held       
Nissan Motor Co., Japan    
Peugeot, France    
Kia/Asia Motor, south korea  
Yamaha, Japan (Marine outboard engines)
Esso Oil, U.K.      
May Milch GmbH & Co.
Royal Delica Milk
British American Tobacco, U.K.  
Compaq, USA  
Samsung, South Korea (Air conditioners)
Drawing on a wealth of managerial experience in marketing and business development, our company assesses the viability of business ventures and participates in major investment and finance dealings.  Shyben A Madi & Sons Ltd. is well established as an instrumental link between important financiers, manufacturers and suppliers on the one hand, and the government of the Gambia on the other. Our company’s excellent relationship with government greatly facilitates our entering into partnership with foreign investors in the Gambia.  

Furthermore, international organizations have carried out in-depth studies, tendered and secured major projects as a result of our involvement and strong influence.

Since 1890 the madi family has been closely identified with business in the Gambia, firmly establishing its roots in the country's commercial infrastructure. Registered under its present name as a limited company in 1973, our company's trade links extend today throughout the West African sub-region; including Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau. 

A sound knowledge and experience of the Gambian market, coupled with highly experienced and well-trained staff in each field of operation, places Shyben A. Madi & Sons Ltd. at the forefront of the leading economic organizations in the country.

Shyben A. Madi & Sons Ltd. operates from two locations in the Gambia:  a head office and general merchandise wing located in Banjul, and a technical branch at Kanifing with the best-equipped service garage in the Gambia.

Looking to the future
In line with our long-standing leading position in the Gambian business community, and inorder to keep pace with the increasingly sophisticated demands of consumers, we will do our utmost to expand into new products and technologies while continuing to reinforce traditional business lines.  Our confidence in the country’s future, and our wish to participate in the development of the Gambia, has prompted us to embark in new ventures by associating since 1982 with Madi Motor Co. Ltd.  And Madi Intra Agencies Ltd., and since 1995 with Sam Bureau de Change.

Shyben A. Madi & Sons Ltd. brings prudence in risk management to the task of creating new business opportunities, while maintaining the highest standards of performance.  The credibility of our name makes us your partner in the Gambia for worldwide trading.
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