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TSL Limited
Harare, Zimbabwe

TSL is a company based in Harare, Zimbabwe. TSL was founded in 1957 as an auction house for tobacco, and in the late 1960s began to diversify into logistics and agronomy. The company's stock is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and its stock index, the Zimbabwe Industrial Index.

TSL Limited is the holding company of a group of companies with its main operations in the following sectors:
   * Agricultural inputs and Services
   * Warehousing and Logistics
   * Auctioning of tobacco
   * Printing and Packaging
   * Horticulture and Car rental services        
Mission statement
By using the latest technology and developing its employees, each of the group's operating companies strive to attain market leadership through the provision of quality goods and outstanding services to its customers thereby creating and maximising shareholder value.

The TSL conglamorate aims to become a dominent player in the SADC region by being the leading supplier of goods and services in its spheres of operation.

Core Values
To ensure the prosperity and well being of TSL Limited's shareholders, employees and customers sustainable long term profit growth is essential. In its pursuit of its mission and vision, the TSL Group is guided by the following philosophies:

A decentralised management structure wich provides a large degree of autonomy to subsidiaries in their own management, with a small head office team providing co-ordination and guidance in matters of finance, human sesources and corporate strategy.

The company's success is derived from its employees and in this regard, mutual respect, open comunication, teamwork, individual initiative and reward for exellent performance upheld throughout the group.

Customers can count on our strongest commitment to meet their needs with high quality products and superior service, supported by innovative technology and continuous improvement.

Our conduct demonstrates a deep concern for human safety and environmental stewardship, while embracing the highest standards of ethics and good corporate governance.
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